CISP 2011

CISP 2011
5 - 8th of MayCluj-Napoca
Project description
The International Conference of Psychology Students is now at its second edition.Starting with 1996 until 2009, this event had 13 editions organized at a national level, but the success it had made us want to develop it even more.
Our target group is composed of both bachelor and master students, with interests in fields such as psychology, special psychopedagogy and educational sciences. The direct beneficiaries are the active participants that will present their research studies/papers - about 80 bachelor and master students, and the indirect beneficiaries will be approximately around 500 BA and MA students.
Transforming the conference from a national project to an international one is based on the assumption of insufficient promotion of scientific psychology among students, both in Romania and outside the borders, and on developing a motivational environment for the professional evolution of the students interested in psychology, special psychopedagogy and educational sciences. The purpose of the conference is to offer a non-formal development setting for students from Romania and other countries, in the fields that have already been mentioned above. Another purpose of the conference is to facilitate intercultural communication and to create a scientific community for students, by bringing into discussion both the scientific and practical aspects of interest. Two of the advantages a conference like this would bring are developing interest for scientific psychology among students and optimizing their motivation.

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